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What does a garden designer look like?

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What does a garden designer look like?

I had a call the other day from a lady wanting her garden designed. I was out on site & being windy I couldn’t really hear what she was saying. What I did hear though was that I was recommended by an interior designer who always referred to me as ‘Prada Jo’. Intrigued, I called the lady back when I got back to my studio to discuss her project. According to her interior designer friend I was the garden designer who turns up with a Prada handbag & designs great gardens. It amused me & made me smile – not such a bad way to be described. I do indeed have a penchant for designer gear – being a designer I’m interested in good design whatever it may be & like to buy & surround myself with stylish things.

I don’t actually wear Prada but that’s by the by. It got me thinking, what are people’s perceptions of a garden designer? I wear what I like to wear (heels usually) but carry boots, warm hat & Barbour in my boot so I’m always practical too. Am I expected to look like I’ve just been weeding? Would one expect an architect to look like he’s been brick laying? In reality I spent the majority of my time in my studio designing, with a relatively small portion of time on site. Other than that I’m to be found sitting in clients kitchens discussing design, plants, screening & water features amongst other things or visiting artists, furniture makers, exhibitions & tree suppliers.

It’s good to be an individual & to be remembered!

She commissioned me to design her garden by the way – it’s a gorgeous project so thanks to her interior designer friend for recommending me.

Until next time