Garden Design

Garden Design – Award winning designs

What do you need? My aim is to create gardens that are personal to my clients. I listen to what you don’t want in addition to what you do want. Designs are created to suit the client, the plot and the budget.  All my designs are well structured and work through the seasons – winter is a long time so a good structure is vital! I don’t have a studio full of designers or an admin team. It’s pretty much me as I’m quite a control freak & would hate another designer putting my name to their work. I give advice & you get proper personal service from me & me only.
Process …

  1. To take a brief from the client (ideally with their partner too as it should suit both parties) and assess the plot together to discuss possibilities and budget.
  2. I then write to the client outlining design costs, based on the clients’ requirements, which are fixed providing the brief remains the same. I request a deposit of 25% as a gesture of commitment.
  3. Once the acceptance form and deposit are received I endeavour to start work as soon as possible. 1st step is to revisit the clients to take photo’s, measurements (if it’s a small garden – if it’s sizeable, I’ll arrange a site survey) and firm up the brief. If the brief is vague I may take images with me for clients to look at and comment on in order to assess a favoured style. It is very much a collaborative process with input from both sides. Each client is different & each scheme unique so there can be lots of conversations & emails flying around before anything is confirmed. Building gardens is an expensive process so clients need to feel reassured they are getting exactly what they want.
  4. I then present the design which can be altered at this stage at no extra charge providing the brief has not changed. See my drawings on this site – I hand draw my work to scale which clients seems to love & often frame.
  5. I then complete the design and produce a full set of specifications incorporating planting plan, types, quantities, supplier details &  lots of reference imagery for my professional landscape contractors to work from, or you may have your own contractor.

I get glowing reviews…

“We just didn’t know what to do with the small, neglected garden of our new house. But Jo did. She listened attentively to our ideas, then made exciting and quite daring suggestions that really stretched our imaginations, and encouraged us to be brave enough to go beyond the ordinary. The result is a stunning riverside garden that regularly stops passers-by in their tracks. Jo’s detailed and professional illustrations enabled us to visualise the new garden. Her knowledge of plants has given us a garden full of interest which, with the clever use of different levels and textures, looks much bigger then it is. And she really cares about the gardens she creates. Nine months after the garden was finished, when Jo heard that the Thames had flooded, she contacted us and generously offered her help with any repairs and replanting needed. But inspite of two weeks under water, we didn’t lose any plants or suffer any damage. Jo’s clever design and planting (flood resilience was part of the brief) gave us a garden that withstood the floods and came back looking even better in it’s second year. Jo was an absolute pleasure to work with.

“We have been really lucky in dealing with a great creative talent, who also has the rare skill of listening to, and caring about, her clients.”

“I really do believe that when you’re doing the work you love, it shows in the quality of the work you produce – that obviously applies to you!”

“…it looks as though it belongs to this house – it’s really really lovely. Thank you.”

“We moved to a new house which was surrounded by 1/3 acre of rough meadow. We had clear ideas about what we wanted of our new garden, but no clue how to integrate or execute them. Jo provided the perfect solution, within budget, using an excellent team who worked hard to complete the job on time.
Twelve years later we have a mature garden of ‘rooms’ that surround the house harmoniously. The beauty of the garden lies in the strong garden design structure that Jo gave to the initial plan and in her visionary planting that has provided us daily pleasure.
I cannot recommend Jo highly enough.