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A few questions & answers…click the + sign to read answers

How much experience do you have?

Have you won any awards?

Do you only design big gardens?

If I commissioned you would it be you or one of a team that designed it?

Do you visit site?

Yes I do do providing one of my preferred contractors is building your scheme. I always try to be available. I took this first photo during a pretty exciting phase of a project. The other photo shows the fabulous trees happy in their new home…

What time scale do you work to?

Are you easy to work with?

How can I make my garden look bigger?

I have a very large garden that overwhelms me, what should I do?

What is a sight-line?

I live by a busy road, how can I reduce the traffic noise?

I have a telegraph pole in my garden what can I do to hide it?

How can I make my garden more interesting in Winter?

Do you include a lighting design in your projects?