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A matter of taste

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A matter of taste

A matter of taste
Whenever I travel I purposely look out new & interesting things to inspire & motivate me. I love to see differences in culture, lifestyle & taste. I was in Brussels last week & I found interesting architecture (some very beautiful – some not as in any city), stylish shops, lots of chocolate specialists where chocolates are displayed liked expensive jewels & the most delicious seafood. I’m not sure why but there are two whole streets right in the centre off the Grand Place we named fish streets that were filled purely with restaurants serving nothing but shellfish & paella. Our friend said they were tacky which is quite amusing as I found them quite appealing! Daytime it’s a bit gaudy but at night it’s colourful, deliciously scented & hugely atmospheric as all the restaurants spill onto the street beneath heated canopies. Pedestrians wander through a huge noisy dinner party.

Interesting words gaudy & tacky – is it a matter of taste or location or simply lighting? I ask this as I was in a fantastic & most stylish interior design shop – very cool & understated. It was the sort of shop you’d love to live in or buy something at the very least. Heaven for me. The shop wrapped around a courtyard run by a florist – very stylish it was too except amongst the flowers, grasses & usual merchandise there were these bizarre what shall we call them. Conversation pieces?

Gaudy dogs in Brussels

My husband thought they were great & felt I ought to put more things like this is my gardens to inject some fun. I on the other hand although mesmerised by them was also somewhat horrified! What would my clients think if I introduced such things into the conversation? Would I have any clients left?? You’ve got to admire the bold attitude – no shrinking violets are they & who am I to judge – you can’t help but smile!!

Vive la difference I say & although an improvement on gnomes I fear they will stay in that same category in my book. I enjoyed my trip & am smiling as I type.

Bye for now!