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New year news

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New year news

Wishing you a chilly but Happy New Year to all! This header photo was taken in France where I spent my Christmas break. I’m not a huge fan of freezing temperatures but it does make everything so beautiful!

Thanks so much to my lovely clients for the wonderful opportunities & challenges you have given me over the past 12 months. I had my best year ever last year with an array of fascinating projects of all sizes & this year sees more to come. I will try to keep you up to date but I’m usually so busy working I forget to share my news! There are several ongoing very large schemes that will be completed this year of between 7 & over 30 acres. Lakes have gone in, avenues of mature trees (thanks Jim & team at Hilliers!), enormous topiary, reflection pools, kitchen gardens & lots between. As they are completed & I can get them photographed I will upload photo’s. I feel very proud as they are looking just wonderful.

Here is a small scheme for Millview Barn, a front garden project that was completed (almost) at the end of last year by Rob & his talented team in Norfolk…

Drawing of barn concersion garden with circlular theme & huge crazy paving

Part of the original drawing

My sketch above shows the layout which is a series of circles & arcs. The dotted line on my drawing indicates the original drive/lawn boundary which made an unattractive shape. The existing silver birch tree is now showcased & the parking space has actually been extended as these enormous ‘crazy paving’ arcs are sufficiently stable for vehicles. Rob & his team had quite a job building this as each slab was so enormous & heavy but the result is well worth it. Well done team!

I recommended Paul of Igloo to create a porch & look at what he did! It really makes an impact & is so practical too. My role as a garden designer is never limited & I am often asked to design other components of my clients’ gardens & houses… on this occasion Jane asked me to design the text for the glass porch. We wanted it to look like a funky upmarket bar or restaurant & Jane specifically wanted a mix of fonts. I loved designing it but foolishly offered to install it too. Trying to place huge 1.5M+ sheets of sticky film onto the windows around the beams without getting any dust & dirt on the sticky stuff was a challenge to say the least! My husband acted as my helper (he mistakenly thought he was going to have a jolly hol by the sea with Charlie our dog!) & thankfully kept me sane. All worth it…

I will post more photo’s of this completed front garden when I get the opportunity & there aren’t any leaves on the ground. We’re all delighted so far – there’s some pleached trees yet to go in that are being grown to order as we need specific trunk heights. It makes the space more inviting, seem larger & certainly more interesting.

Large sloping garden scheme by Jo Alderson Phillips at

Part of the plan drawing

Here’s one that’s going to be built from Autumn which will be an exciting one. There are enormous level changes, a kitchen garden, pool with boardwalk, bog garden & lots of spots for marquees as my clients love a party! There are several others in the queue to be built & I will fill you in as they progress.

Houzz award to Joanne Alderson Design

I have just won an award so there’s lots to celebrate! I heard this morning that I had won the best design category on the Houzz website for the 3rd year running which is fabulous so thank you very much to the Houzz community. Please take a look. My images have been saved to idea books more than 10,000 times which is just incredible!

All for now – lots to do 🙂