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New studio on the way!

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New studio on the way!

If ever you wonder what it’s like working from home – read this! Usually I love it but doing it whilst you’ve got the builders in is just no fun!

This is an update on a previous post about our building work…

We bought our Cotswold barn last December & we’ve had the builders here pretty much ever since – it’s October 20th as I type! It’s been quite trying to say the least but it looks like we are getting there at last. The whole house has been refurbished & renovated & now the link extension to my office is almost complete. I’ve had to move from room to room as building work progresses to find a space to work & having to move & find space for an AO (= gigantic!) drawing board is not easy. Nor is trying to concentrate when 5 guys are using huge drills in the room next door – ALL DAY LONG!

My original drawings above show my proposals & we were lucky enough to get planning permission for this 14.5 metre link extension & garage conversion without any issue.

I designed it to be as sympathetic to the main barn as possible & resemble a restored cart shed. The Cotswold wall you see above left is our boundary wall & that forms the rear of the new extension. Sadly we couldn’t leave it exposed inside due to building regulations but I’m still pretty delighted. That said, the dust & filth are seriously getting to me & having a puppy on a building site is really not fun if you’re the one trying to keep the place (& the pup) clean!

The pictures above show the link extension through it’s various stages & at last we can see the end is near which is a huge relief. These below show how it looks today. Part of the link is complete – the ‘distressed’ floor is in, the walls are painted, heating & spotlights in (but not yet working) & the new reclaimed wood sliding barn doors are in & look great. If you are wondering, my husband was originally a pharmacist & had a couple of these beautiful Victorian carboys when we met. I loved them & over the years we have collected quite a few. I ring the changes with different coloured food colouring as I feel the need…

The pictures below show what will one day become my new studio. This is it today – looking very much the building site sadly. Again we couldn’t keep the stone walls visible due to building regulations as it would not be thermally efficient. I don’t want to be cold & I need a building certificate so they are now clothed in plaster board with lots of insulation. The remaining stone wall on view will be a large window through to another small courtyard we have at the rear. That is another story as it’s currently overwhelmed with nettles – it’s on my to do list!

Who knows but in a couple of weeks I may yet get to work in a proper studio once more & actually find files & drawings again! What a luxury that will be 🙂

I’ll write about it again once it’s complete which will hopefully be a very happy blog! The news on the courtyard gardens will likely be much later sadly as this has become quite the money pit but fingers crossed that will be done within a year. I’ll keep you posted!


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