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A Cotswold garden site visit today

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A Cotswold garden site visit today

It’s a lovely life being a garden designer & today was no exception. I visited a large Cotswold garden & despite being blasted by freezing cold wind & a threatening grey sky I was delighted with what I saw. Last time I was there there was a great deal of brown as it had all been seeded. Being forty acres that’s a lot of brown! It’s still really early spring but you can see it all coming to life & the structure is as I had hoped. Below I have planted Prunus Serrula trees through gravel for structural interest whilst also showing drivers where to park. My client has great quirky taste & has added signs about the place which look super & give it more personality

Below are images of the hedges we’ve used – I like to use these topiary piers as a ‘full stop’ . I bought these in Belgium where they specialise in large key topiary pieces

Below gives is a glimpse into the orchard – there’s a swimming pool on the left so swimmers have a great view of these mature fruit trees we buy here in England. The nursery buys fruit trees from commercial growers for varying reasons & I like to buy them to give instant character & maturity to a garden.

It’s a really windy site so this walled garden worked beautifully by creating a protected & private space & below are a few views in & around the lake. I saw quite a few birds there today & look forward to going back once we have leaves on all the trees & seeing what other birdlife has appeared

Until next time!

Jo - my name written by Jo Alderson Phillips