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A fantastic buying trip last week!

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A fantastic buying trip last week!

IMG_1807My clients flew over to meet me in Belgium last week to select large yew topiary specimens & some trees for their large garden. It was a great day as I’d not visited before – only bought via emailed photos. It makes all the difference actually being able to look at trees in three dimensions & relate to them & we all had a super time deciding which ones would work best. My sketch for this topiary walk is below…Sketch for a topiary garden for my Cotswold clients

There were so many to choose from but we have tagged 24 which we will whittle down a little for the final line-up.

IMG_1842 IMG_1843We are considering some of these amazing beech trees too which were just beautiful! Will keep you posted & upload photos when it’s done which will be over autumn/winter when they are dormant.

Haven’t I got a great job? 🙂

No time to write much I’m afraid as I’m so swamped with work so enjoy the photo’s

Bye for now!