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A birds eye view!

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A birds eye view!

I had a busy day yesterday with several meetings. The third one was to present the next phase of a very large scheme in the Chilterns – see Pip’s Place in my portfolio. I arrived & all was looking lovely as the garden was coming back to life after a horrible Winter…

I arrived to hear a real racket but couldn’t see anything so went to meet Ginni via the back door. Look at what I saw! A bright blue helicopter had landed on the back lawn. Doesn’t it look good with all the camassias!

It transpired her gastro pub nearby occasionally has more than one visiting helicopter so they ask Ginni if the second one can land on her lawn (they only have space for one!). What I heard was it landing. The pilot offered to take us up for a spin so we couldn’t resist! I’ve added a video below of a birds eye view…

Garden looking very smart with topiary clipped & showing view via this formal Oxfordshire garden to the woodland garden from the rear terrace.

Look at the beautiful malus! The hakonechloa looks amazing too in the planters. This courtyard garden is on the opposite side to the back door – if you watch the video you will see how wide it is & how large their lawn is for helicopters to land 🙂

Here’s a little video of our tour from above. It’s not the best video – apologies but I won’t forget it in a hurry!

What a lovely job I have!

All for now

Jo - my name written by Jo Alderson Phillips