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My garden design drawings & illustrations

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My garden design drawings & illustrations

front garden proposals for a Georgian house by Jo Alderson Phillips

I got a call today from a lady asking if I sell my drawings. What do you mean? I asked. “Your drawings are gorgeous & those of us who can’t draw would love them framed on our walls!” . “Oh!” I said – “no I don’t; I illustrate my client’s schemes as part of my design process & actually they often do often frame them but apart from that I’ve never thought about it”. “Well you should!” she said.

It’s funny as I’ve had a couple of people message me via Instagram asking if I sell my drawings & I ignored them thinking they had misunderstood what I do. Silly me!

Illustration of Cotswold farmhouse by Jo Alderson Phillips

I have always loved to draw. I trained at Loughborough College of Art many years ago & gained a degree in textile design. Although I changed careers, drawing is part of what I still do. It comes naturally to me & I think it makes what I do more bespoke & individual to my clients. It’s a perfect way to communicate what I am proposing & gives clients the confidence to proceed as they can see clearly how their new garden or courtyard will look.

Well thank you Jocelyn for the compliment!

New railings, gate & pier design for a garden in Henley
My sketch of my proposal for new railings, pier & gate design for a garden near Henley
A complicated sloping garden near Henley – quite a head scratch! 🙂

These two above are of a new Georgian style house near Bristol. My favourite architectural style. I designed a classical garden of topiary & grand sweeps to suit.

courtyard garden designed & illustrated by Jo Alderson Phillips

A new contemporary courtyard garden in Old Amersham

Plan drawing for a walled topiary garden

This one is my plan drawing for a walled garden near Henley with knot garden, kitchen garden, French fountain & formal parterre

Everything I produce is drawn by hand using Rotring pens & coloured using pantone pens. Sometimes my drawings are very formal & often they are very sketchy. This selection here gives you a small idea of what I produce.

I have actually drawn & illustrated hundreds of gardens & courtyards so if you would like to buy a drawing or commission me then do get in touch – I’d be delighted!

All for now. Til next time!

Jo - my name written by Jo Alderson Phillips