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Contemporary garden thoughts this sunny June

posted in Creating gardens for my clients

Contemporary garden thoughts this sunny June

I’m busy working on several schemes at the moment & am just about to start on quite a large one near Marlborough in Wiltshire. My clients love all things modern & smart & want something elegant & funky too. I’m excited as I love working with clean lines & my clients have given me free reign. They liked several of my schemes including our own small courtyard garden in Henley on Thames which we sold a few years ago. I thought I’d take a look at it again 10 years on…

This is what we bought which was pretty dreadful to say the least! It was right in the centre of Henley on Thames so I used the sound of water as a really helpful distraction from the noise of the town. We really loved it & were quite sad to leave…


My clients have an amazing extension & covered outdoor seating area in their current place so I’m taking my cue from that – have a peek –

Corten steel is very much in vogue & for good reason as it’s incredibly resilient & works both in contemporary & traditional settings. It becomes a rich rust colour over time but unlike ‘normal’ rusty metal gains strength in the process (so I’m told!). I’m looking to using it in their new garden. Clever companies are using lasers to cut patterns into it & as I was a textile designer in a previous life this appeals to me enormously…

ue pitch in Corten steel

Corten steel petanque pitch


So watch this space & enjoy this glorious sunshine whilst I get my thinking cap on

Jo - my name written by Jo Alderson Phillips